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A passion to be in shape

   Fitness is our way of life. We strive for a perfect harmony and interaction between machine, body and soul. If you feel fit, you feel well. If you feel well, you live life to the fullest. This thought is our driving force. Every single day. We're passionate team players. We believe that fair play is a question of honor and this is felt by our customers all over the world. We use seminars, training sessions and workshops to bond and create a united spirit. As a reliable partner we are at your side step by step - from the very first planning stage to assisting you in running your studio


Pure power

   We have a dream! A dream of people who are healthy and active and have a positive attitude to life. This dream is the source for our inspiration. 35 years ago we created a miniature world. With gym equipment that was powerful, sophisticated and tuned to physical needs. Today, this world has been transformed into an entire universe. Every day gym80 motivates and inspires members in over 35 countries around the world. Our team is made up of over 100 employees who have made gym80 one of the leading strength training equipment manufacturer for fitness, wellness and rehab medical.


35 yr anniversary "Made in Germany"

   Over the past 35 years gym80 has evolved into one of the leading strength training equipment manufacturers - quality-driven, design-oriented, innovative and customer-focused.



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Contact us:

Loacation :1020 NE 5th Street Crystal River, Florida 34429

Phone : (352) 563-2239

E-Mail : support@gym80usa.com


Why we are worth the cost...



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